Tim Dwyer is a business growth specialist; consultant, entrepreneur, mentor, keynote speaker and business leader. Tim specialises in product innovation and brand-led go-to-market strategies. Tim is an expert in helping businesses strategically grow their assets, increase their business value, hone and leverage their capabilities.

Tim shares “life in business” experiences through analogy – bringing business frameworks to life. Tim connects businesses to the bigger vision, breaks down the complexities and empowers business owners and CEO’s to achieve their vision.

With over 20 years in business, Tim offers clients a choice of delivery methods including consulting, coaching, training, facilitation and mentoring. Tim shares a wealth of experience in applying proven methodologies to growing businesses.

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Measurement of your time, money and skill will create the biggest change in your business.

The 90 day Change Program is the only program that actually breaks down each step in easy to read and understand sections that allows you to first identify your major business problems and develop a strategy to tackle. Time and effort well spent!
— Damien Cooper | Financial Decisions Adviser & CEO
The program gave us the tools we needed to be able to manage the increased growth our company was experiencing and also helped us to better utilise our time and money. Completing this program has undeniably added value to our business and provided us with a framework to facilitate future growth.
— Michael Young, Young's Building Contractors
Growth Metrics is designed bring awareness and help business owners look at how they measure their business differently so they can create greater growth faster
— Tim Dwyer


Findex is the largest privately owned provider of integrated financial advisory and accounting services in Australia and NZ.

In 2019 Tim partnered with Findex to distribute Growth Metrics to private enterprises in capital cities and regional centres in Australia and NZ.

Findex Growth Metrics Workshop 2019

Tim is renowned for his expertise in helping entrepreneurs turn ideas into valuable product ecosystems and adding significant value to his client's businesses.

He is a Product Mentor of Dent's Key Person of Influence Accelerator program.

Tim is a Partner of BoB (Business of Brand) Group. 

The BoB Group is changing the way the modern business operates. Born from a desire to build brands, grow businesses, impact industries and shift the world into a new era.  BoB is creating a new business language, a coding system for growth.

BoB School Oct 2018 Sydney

An overview of Tim Dwyer’s Key Person of Influence Brand Accelerator Keynote.

Alignment with the Global Goals for Sustainable Development

Business for Good

By helping businesses grow we can make the dreams of business owners a reality and create a greater positive impact on the world. Business for good will change people’s lives.

We join with many other SME’s similarly aligned with the UN’s goals for sustainable development and imagine a world where every day, every business makes a giving impact. We proudly support BUY1GIVE1 giving projects.

Pay it forward, share the love and become a B1G1 Business for Good. Be sure to use the code BM12814 when you sign up. We think you’ll be happy you did!