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A variety of media assets are available for authorised use for media and speaking events. For additional assets and Tim’s Event Pack please email Tim here. 




"Passionate about business and creating true value"

  • Business Growth Specialist with expertise in Product Innovation and Brand-Led “go to market” Stategies

  • Expert business mind

  • Founder Growth Metrics - Founder & Director

  • Business of Brand (BoB) - Group Partner

  • Findex Partner - Growth Consulting

  • Dent Global - key mentors of the KPI (Key Person of Influence) Brand Accelerator program

  • Keynote speaker for Dent Global and CEO Institute

  • Consultant and coach to entrepreneurs, business owners and CEOs

  • Based in Brisbane, Australia



Dent Podcast


Arete Podcast

  • Create assets through productising true value

  • Build assets that grow revenue today and lead to higher business valuation tomorrow

  • Business formulas for growth

  • Align business behind common vision

  • Sales and selling true value.

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Aligning Visions • Strategic Roadmaps

• Growing Assets • Productising

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