Tim is a highly-sought after speaker at Strategic Leadership Retreats, International Client Conferences, Industry Workshops, CEO Workshops & Master Classes.


Tim connects with his audience, making the complex simple through storytelling and overlaying analogies onto proven business frameworks - bringing them to life.

Tim’s energy and passion for business shines on stage. Equally at home with large event audiences and smaller groups, Tim has the ability to connect with the energy of a room and work to achieve desired outcomes

Tim brings a wealth of experience and understanding of business. He is able to unpack the elements that are necessary for business owners to achieve their vision – linking commercial and cultural elements and accelerating businesses growth

Presentations are designed to your agenda on a range of business topics.



Topic samples

  • Create assets through productising true value

  • Build assets that grow revenue today and lead to higher business valuation tomorrow

  • Business formulas for growth

  • Align business behind a common vision

  • Sales and selling true value.



What Audiences Say

Offers insight after insight.

One of the best speakers I’ve heard!

Excellent - one of the best! Great presentation and very relevant.
— CEO Institute
Tim is one of those speakers who really connects with his audience. He has the ability to take complex business issues make them simple and have the audience relate in a meaningful way, to them. The feedback from our clients when Tim speaks is always the same, “we want to hear more as we learn so much with every interaction and experience”
— Glen Carlson - Cofounder of Dent Global
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