tim Dwyer

Tim Dwyer is a business growth specialist; a consultant, entrepreneur, mentor, keynote speaker and business leader.

Tim specialises in product innovation and brand-led go-to-market strategies. Tim is an expert in helping businesses strategically grow their assets, increase their business value, hone and leverage their capabilities. Tim recognises and executes the strategic path that a business needs to take for growth and financial success.

Tim Dwyer, growth metrics, key person of influence

Tim's success rate in helping businesses led him to create a new and innovative product and methodology, Growth Metrics. A program that enables businesses to build more capability into their offering, ensuring business growth, increased value and profitability. It hinges on Tim’s personal philosophy that good business is about creating the most amount of value in the shortest amount of time.  

Tim is the Founder and Director of Growth Metrics and a Partner of BoB (Business of Brand) Group where he brings his diverse experience to help SME’s grow through brand led growth strategies. Through his experience, Tim is able to extract the best from businesses. 

As a partner of Dent Global, Tim is a regular keynote speaker and one of the key mentors of their KPI (Key Person of Influence) Brand Accelerator program. Tim also sits on a number Boards.

Tim’s credentials speak volumes; with a career spanning 25 years, Tim has worked with thousands of clients across global brands, large corporates, SMEs, and entrepreneurs. As head of Telstra’s strategy for the SME Sales division, Tim was part of a dynamic team behind the growth of a $2.4 billion portfolio. Followed by an illustrious career at Shirlaws as a revenue and growth specialist, including four years as CEO and Director.

Tim is here to enliven people through awareness, acknowledgement and change in business.

If you are looking for a keynote speaker for entrepreneurship, leadership and CEO groups or are seeking expert advice and a guiding hand on how to grow your business, connect with Tim on LinkedIn here or directly here.