The insecurity Project


23 November 2018, Interviewed by Jaemin Frazer of The Insecurity Project

Arete Podcast

Building A Brand Ready For Growth

6 November 2018, Interviewed by Richard Triggs of Arete Executive

In this episode of the Arete Podcast host Richard Triggs interviews Tim Dwyer about building a solid foundation for growth in business, how to avoid recruiting mistakes, and investing in future growth.

Episode highlights include:

  • Musts for a successful business: foundations, culture and community

  • What makes up a good business culture? Responsibility, respect and removing bad culture

  • Recruitment mistakes – wrong types of people at the wrong time

  • Finding cracks in your structure – every business is leaking money in time, in capacity, capability, margin, and sales opportunities

  • Understanding how growth works – sales growth, margin growth and strategic growth

Dent Podcast

Tim Dwyer on the Strategies He’s Employed to Raise
Clients’ Valuations by over One Billion Dollars

5 January 2017, Interviewed by Glen Carlson of Dent Global

Do you ever wonder if there’s a way that you can increase your business’ capacity, making it more efficient and effective? If so, you’re going to get a lot out of this podcast. 

In this conversation, Tim gets into the precise details around time and money management, and the capability and capacity that all businesses need in order to scale. So, if you’re interested in learning specific methodologies that you can employ to help your business grow and increase capacity, then grab a pen and paper because this episode’s packed to the rafters with gems.

Download the Dent Podcast Transcript

Tim Dwyer, Growth Metrics, podcast transcript image.png

After many comments from clients who have listened to the Dent Podcast with Tim Dwyer, who said they were taking pages of notes and listening to the podcast several times to absorb the information, we decided to transcribe the information into a free PDF form.

Click the button below to instantly download your copy (no email or details required).