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The Growth Metrics program is the culmination of 20 years experience in business translated into a practical and easily applied method for business growth. 

I created the Growth Metrics Product to fill a gap in the market in terms of supporting foundations for growth and management skill.
People would come up with amazingly creative and innovative business and entrepreneurial ideas only to fall short of their potential due to lack of solid and sustainable foundations.
By fixing this problem, I’ve then been able to teach businesses how to build successful brand led strategies that work.
— Tim Dwyer



2 Day Workshop to Discover your bigger vision; Design out a clear business model to leverage growth; find quick wins and free up resources. 

Day One: Solid Foundations for Growth

Day Two: Easy Money





Connect with like minded business owners and leaders.

Join the Full Program over 90 days to build solid foundations for growth, measure your metrics and be ready for growth. 

30 days to learn the concept

30 days to build your strategy and

30 days for the application.




Consciously change and develop skills for greater success by applying the time, money and skill management tools and methodologies you will learn. 

Our planner book and interactive group sessions will guide you through the program and help you bring the tools to life in your day to day.  

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Does your business profit ebb and flow, creating uncertainty? Is your business reactive? Does your vision keep changing?

Successful businesses map clearly to their destination. They invest in the right systems and processes to support their growth and achieve their vision.

Growth Metrics provides the know-how today for you to energise your business and increase your margin. You will achieve quick wins this year and maximise your growth next year and beyond.

  • Apply effective and proven models to accurately measure your business metrics, define the problems, focus on the solutions

  • Learn the tools, bring them to life, and embed them into your day-to-day

  • Create your road map and business plan

  • Be ready for growth.

Growth Metrics originated from a desire to help business owners make their dreams a reality. To make a positive impact on the world by helping businesses grow exponentially.

- Tim Dwyer, Founder

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