Attend the Growth Metrics LIVE Event

This 2.5 hour Event Will Give You a Roadmap
To Grow Your Business Strategically

What GPS did for navigation, Growth Metrics does for growing businesses

Growth Metrics originated from a desire to help business owners make their dreams a reality. To make a positive impact on the world by helping businesses grow exponentially.

Growth Metrics is the culmination of 20 years experience translated into a practical and easy method for business growth.


Who is Tim Dwyer?

Tim Dwyer, growth metrics, key person of influence

Tim is the Founder and Director of Growth Metrics and a Partner of BoB Group (Business of Brand) where he brings his diverse experience to help SME’s grow through brand-led growth strategies.

Tim is a business growth specialist; a consultant, entrepreneur, mentor, keynote speaker and business leader.

Tim specialises in product innovation and brand-led go-to-market strategies. He is an expert in helping businesses strategically grow their assets, increase a business’ value, hone and leveraging its capabilities.

Tim recognises and facilitates the strategic path that a business needs to take for growth and financial success.

What Attendees Will Learn at the LIVE Event

  • The framework for business that acts like a roadmap of how to grow from point A to point B

  • The 3 key ingredients of a framework for planned growth

  • Growth Metrics’ ‘9-box’ framework to grow businesses to any level - faster and with less stress

  • Why focusing on just sales can slow business growth and the all-important
    4 cycles of growth

  • Challenges with growth that occur at various fixed revenue points

  • How to navigate safely through the common obstacles to growth

  • The critical indicators for profitable growth to always be aware of

  • The intangible assets within businesses and how to identify yours

  • How to work on your business and what to work on to create leverage.


Businesses have hidden assets the owners rarely know exist. It makes business exciting to discover what they are because you’re finding money and margin, reducing waste, and so money flows to your bank account.

Increasing the value of a business by identifying its intangible assets can increase the multiplier of a business and with that its value very significantly.

Along a business’ growth path there are dips and roadblocks that slow or stop the business. These roadblocks become pain points that businesses experience such as; lack of time, lack of money, wasted time and money, and stress for the owner.

Being aware of the roadblocks helps a business to navigate past them much quicker by planning to strategically grow the business through the roadblocks.

The Growth Metrics approach makes it so much easier to grow a business, just like GPS systems made it so much easier to drive from point A to point B.

Without a map for your business, it can be stressful and time-consuming, not to mention expensive in terms of profitability . You’ll learn all this and more by attending the Growth Metrics Live Event.