Attend the Growth Metrics LIVE Event
in Brisbane

This 2.5 Hour Event Will Show You How to Create
a Roadmap to Grow Your Business Strategically

What GPS did for navigation, Growth Metrics does for growing businesses.


Event Details

Date: Wednesday 2nd of October

Time: 4:00 pm for 4:27 pm start to 6:30 pm

Location: Queensland Cricketers’ Club, Gabba Towers,
411 Vulture Street, East Brisbane. Information about nearby parking will be provided upon registration.

Other: Tea and coffee will be available prior to Tim's talk with a selection of beverages and canapes served afterwards.


You are invited to attend as our guest complimentary and bring partners or friends in business.
Seating is limited so please click to register now and let us know how many seats you would like reserved.


Presented by Tim Dwyer

Tim is a business growth specialist with over 20 years experience in growing businesses strategically from start up to seven figures and beyond.

As Founder and Director of Growth Metrics and a Partner of BoB Group (Business of Brand) Tim brings his diverse experience to help SME’s grow through brand-led growth strategies.

Read more about Tim.


What You Will Learn at the LIVE Event

  • A framework that defines business growth, from a sale perspective, margin perspective and strategic method.

  • A ‘Road Map’ to grow businesses, like a GPS for a business

  • How to avoid the pain points of business growth; lack of time and money

  • Critical measurements of a business, to understand your origin, just like Google Maps, but mathematically

  • What is critical about business growth (gross profit per person), and how to calculate it

  • What the 'roadblock’ points of growth are that businesses regularly get stuck in

  • How to plan to navigate through roadblocks and profit dips.


Simply put, you'll see how you can grow your business in a more leveraged, strategic way by understanding the road ahead.

You’ll leave this event with an understanding of what a "road map" is for your own business to grow it strategically and what to do to shift your business.

You’ll learn all this and more by attending this Growth Metrics Live Event.

We thank our Partner FINDEX for hosting this event.